The Tiny, Little Golden Fairy

A tall tower stood deep in the forest. The Golden Fairy lived there alone. She knew all the mysteries of this world and would give advice to people who had troubles. However, in recompense, she would demand the person's soul, which some say she would eat.

She's all-knowing, arrogant, cheeky, and demonic. And she would only have things one way--her way. She's small but she talks big. She's demanding and moody. She's smart but she's lazy. A little creature but a big pain in the ass.

But if only one would get to know her more, I'm sure that one will grow to love her.

I did.

Because I realized a lot of things about her. She demands for people's souls but not because she eats them. She only wants them to keep her company because she hates being alone. She's demanding and easily irked but a bar of chocolate is all it takes to please her. She talks big because she thinks big. She doesn't settle for for an ordinary human's standard. And she's lazy because she's too smart for the things around her and they merely bore her. But find her something interesting and no one would be able to disturb her.
And everything she shows is merely a reflection of what she gets. When she's alone, then she's lonely. But offer her sweets and she'll be the sweetest thing you'll know. Give her love and she'll be the loveliest creature of them all. Befriend her and, well, she'd probably make you her servant. 

But you won't regret it. I think. Well, I haven't.

--the most humble and willing servant of Her Highness, my Golden Fairy

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A friend of mine is about to graduate college and wrote a letter to his 11 year old self so he could boast to his younger self how the past 10 years has made him awesome. Well, after reading it, I decided I should do the same, only this time, I would write to my self 10 years from now. And it will be an open letter where you guys can get clues of why I haven't posted anything for more than 3 months. Here, read on:

Dear 30 year old me, 

How are you? I bet you're an awesome guy by now. You should be. I've been working hard to give you a better life than I have so you better be doing your best as well. I'd fucking kill you if I find out you're not being the most awesome you can be.

OK, I know I've fucked up and you had to clean up my mess, but, hey, I know that wasn't so hard for an amazing guy like you. I still don't know whether I passed or failed that AC Machines course. I'm already saying sorry if it ended up with a 5.0 and you had to take the course again. But if you did, you owned it, right? I know your pride wouldn't let you get an average grade on a subject you're already taking for the second time. I'm sorry if I didn't make it the first time around. But you know how much I tried. I gave my best in that final exam.
I wanted to ask, did you graduate with laude? Oh please tell me you did. I'm sorry if my performance this semester greatly hurt your chase for that award. Damn my choice of subjects. I never thought taking those courses at the same time was practically suicide. But please do remember that I got through it. With the aid of enough alcohol and, well, even more alcohol, I managed to come out of it alive.

You still remember the reason why I'm actually still finally feeling fine after this fucked up semester, right? How I miss her right now. You remember the first time you had to put up with a stretch of not seeing her? Yep, that's it right now. I'm sure you had to put up with this a lot of times already and I bet you're still not used to it.
Well, I've got to cut this letter short. I've got an induction to attend to. Yes again, tonight is when you officially become the president of UP ERG - LB. Did you have a successful year? I bet you did. You were made for this.
So as a farewell note, I'm telling you not to worry about me. I'll be just as awesome as you are. Yes, I will continue to fuck up every now and then. I'll be making shit in things I could've easily owned. But you know me, I'll be sure to fix them up.  Now go back to doing whatever amazing thing it is you're working on. I'll be on to making sure you'll have a chance to do that, some time later of course. Tonight, my first priority, is to get as drunk as the available booze would allow. 

Your tired but still fucking awesome 20 year old self.

Christmas Post (the Real One)

 Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...

Probably among the most famous celebrations on Earth. And more than likely the most special holiday for those who believe in it. During Christmas season, there's just that nice feeling in the air. The problems of the world do not disappear, they just seem to get a wee bit smaller. Even if just the slightest bit.

It would have been nice if it was like this all year round but no, Christmas only happens once a year. It's not quite often for species who only live for around 70-80 years. And that's even if you're lucky. And so, we want this special day to be accordingly special. Actually, if possible, we want this day to be perfect.

Well, it's not really just Christmas. There's all those special occasions. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promenades, graduation, losing one's virginity, wedding proposals... There are these occasions that we just want to be perfect.

The problem is: shit happens. Something wrong, something not according to plan, something bad happens. And then we get angry, or sad. Well, really, mostly just disappointed. I mean, these occasions do not happen everyday, right? Why can't we get a nice perfect day even just once in a while. Even just during the special days. Actually, for me, even just for Christmas.

But no, even that little wish, just can't be.

But you know what, I think it's just fine. So what if things didn't go exactly according to plan? So what if some things get screwed up? Because the truth is, it's actually the best day to get shit. I mean, come on! With all the holiday hype and everything!

For example, if you get dumped on Christmas day, so what? There are lots of other people who also feel the cold and it's the easiest time of the year to find someone to sleep with. Srsly. And If you're spending Christmas alone, then turn on your your radios to max volume and play a Metal Christmas CD. So what if your neighbors complain of the noise? You're fuckin' alone on Christmas, for God's sake, you have a right to disturb the whole neighborhood. So what if you're favorite shirt got stained? It's the time of gift giving anyway. Go ask a friend to give you a new one. Or rather, go buy yourself a new one.

It's just that we're thinking backwards with these things. We're thinking, "I'd really hate it if something bad happens. I mean on Christmas?" Why can't we think on the tune of, "It's fine if something bad happens. It's Christmas anyway."

I mean, so what if Christmas is just a once a year celebration? We only celebrate our lives once, and we've accepted that it's not perfect.

Whoever gave us the idea that it's bad for something bad to happen? Look, I'm not saying, we should just smile on whatever happens. I mean, I'm pretty lonely this Christmas. Why else would I be spending my time here in front of the computer just to write this crap if I'm having a great day? 

Yes, it's a terrible Christmas for me. I'd rather not enumerate the reasons why. 

But it's fine.

It's Christmas after all.

There's this feeling that there is nothing that can't be fixed by a some good loud music and a bottle of beer.

Or two.

Happy Christmas, to those who believe in it. To others, well, good day to you. :)

Christmas Post (Little Prologue)

Christmas is really just the best time of the year. It's the time when everything seems just a little bit lighter, brighter, sweeter, spicer, and everything nicer. As an example, read this next line out loud:

Fuck you

See? Doesn't it sound a little less offensive? A little funnier? Christmas is just simply amazing. :]

But honestly, Christmas day has always been a little too troublesome for me. A little too tiring than what I  hope it'd be. So I'm gonna grab a bite and rest for a bit, then I'll write my actual Christmas post.

Merry Christmas everyone! :]


It's almost a week through December already and I haven't posted a celebratory entry for Nanowrimo yet so you should have figured it out. Yep, I didn't get to reach the 50,000 word count target. You could fish for reasons on why I didn't make it but you'll probably guess wrong.

Because, no, I did not get tired of writing my novel. While writing, I was actually in a somewhat state of bliss which almost felt like I was masturbating. I also did not run out of things to write. With so many scenes and dialogues I have in mind, it could have reached much more than 50k words if I used them all. I also did not get too busy with school and with work (because November means no exams; and for the sake of Nanowrimo, I have once again paused from working).

I have been going around telling people that the reason why I did not finish it is that I chose to do some other things that I enjoyed more. (Yep, some things give me more pleasure than wanking off.) And most people are often satisfied with that reasoning of mine. I mean, they should be. Anyone who saw me out last month would figure out that I was having the time of my life. And the people who were with me during the last weekend of November knew how much I was enjoying spending all my time preparing for that something which I didn't really got the chance to showcase but that's not the point. I'm just proving that I had it really is the reason why I didn't get to finish the novel.

But someone didn't believe me. And I had to admit that she got a point when she told me, (now this is a rephrased statement to make it sound a little less perverse) "You would have jizzed in your pants upon reaching 50k words so I'm not buying that you stopped at 45k all because you wanted to spend your weekend doing some shit so you can please some tits." This line is actually the reason why I'm writing this post. It just made some ideas run into my head and I have to write them down so that I can keep track.

For starters, what she said was true. I just actually might've been having wet dreams about reaching 50k. And it would've only took me around 4 hours to write that 5k word ending. So why didn't I do it? There's one plausible reason that immediately popped in my head. And it's something I don't really want to admit.

It's that I just didn't want to finish my novel. And it roots down to the fact that I don't want to finish anything. Well, if you must know, I hate endings. I always feel sad upon reaching the last page of a book, or upon reaching the last track in an album. And I'm always in the verge of tears while watching the last episode of a tv series or the last chapter of some manga. I know it sounds gay but I can't help it.

(EDIT: Supposedly, there are 7 more paragraphs but I deleted them. I was supposed to write something else to replace it but I decided to just end this post right here.)

A Post on Procrastination (I really could've posted this earlier)

The second day of NaNo is already over (at least here in the Philippines) and all I have is 2,062 words. Yep, I'm WAY behind schedule. I actually have a legitimate excuse since I'm sick; I'm down with a flu for a few days now.

BUT, I wasn't really resting these last two days. I'm just doing that. You know. The thing a Wrimo is not supposed to do during November but is actually doing so most of the time. I've been watching movies, watching TV series, daydreaming about a girl, reading books, staring at facebook, hanging at the NaNo forums, yaddayaddayadda. Yep, I was PROCRASTINATING. And I procrastinated immediately. Pfft.

Anyway, I should go back to writing my novel. This post is just a little warm up for my fingers(which means a little more procrastinating). So I'm gonna go now and leave a few lines from my novel.

The history of this Earth would have gone down the same path as the other Earth (or Earths, the existence of other Earths have also always been a subject of debate). There is however one event that made it follow a very different path. This event is known as Exsorcell which translates as "the discovery that the gods are actually quite stupid."
This is a part of an introduction to the setting of my story. I actually think it's unnecessary and would probably remove it when I'm editing the novel already. But hey, a few additional words to help me get 50,000 shouldn't be so bad, no?

Arlon Curlywind, Utmost Consummate Invoker of the Forbidden Light, Six-Time Ultimate Spellcaster in the Merlin Awards, Master of the 9th Level of Thaum, and current Chief of the Order of the Fourth Side of the Triangular Point Blank which is the wizarding order guarding the Nowhere Cellars, is not the person you would want to be telling the bad news to. But the the poor underwizard was just ordered to tell it again.
Now this one is an introductory line about my actually unimportant character. But honestly, creating badass lines like this is the only reason I'm writing fantasy so I decided to share it anyway. :]

November: the month my bed misses me the most

It's October 31! And I'm here to greet you all a Happy Halloween!
...or not.
I really don't care much about Halloween as much as today being the last day of October. This means in a few hours I'll be abandoning this world once again and get myself lost in the world of my novel. It's NaNoWriMo once again and I'm stocking up on energy drinks to prepare for a month of sleepless nights. Oh, and I've prepared my laptop for this. Check out my desktop.

I removed all icons except for the ones I'm going to use in writing my novel. And I've adopted a wallpaper from one of the guys also joining this years NaNo.

So am I ready for this? I don't know. I'm still a little hesitant to start tonight. For one, I only have one character named at this moment. But I do have an outline that I will inevitably throw away after a couple of days into writing. As for my plot, this is the synopsis of my novel as written in my Nano profile page.

Synopsis: Law of the Universe

The Law of the Universe is the world's most important artifact. It is protected by the wizards of the Order of the Fourth Side of the Triangular Point Blank and is inaccessible even to the great kings of the land.

Problems occur when the most handsome legal thief, Vincent Stole, manages to steal the magical item. Suddenly, every kingdom declares him a criminal and wants him captured. Things get more interesting when Death, himself, joins the chase.

Oh, well, it's almost time for the kick-off chat of the NaNoers here in the Philippines so I got to go. Wish me luck guys, I'm going to need it. Oh, and by the way, I'm probably going to post a lot this month. My fingers will be too tired typing stuff for this novel they would need to write about something else every now and then.

An Open Letter for You

I hate it when you're sad,
More so if you're mad.
But there're no helping it, I know,
When this time of the year has come for show.

Madame First Sem is almost done,
But she won't let us yet to have our fun.
She's probably been bitchin' you like hell,
Cause, oh, she's being a bitch to me as well.

But when you get too tired and weary
Just to get that pass in a hurry,
Then, darling, come to me.
Here you can rest like a tree.
Cause you'll be needing no effort to be
That perfect girl for me.

So to all those smart-ass topnotchers,
You can tell them, "Fuck you and your knockers!"
For here in my heart you're already the best.
Yes, dear. Number one with no contest.

Oh, and here's some music to listen to while reading this post.
It's "Gotta Keep Smiling" by Scouting For Girls
Cause ain't life a bitch sometimes?

..because unlike me, you don't have the fucking right to be an asshole

I really fucking hate conceited people. Now, don't tell me that I should hate myself then because I'm conceited myself. I'm the most arrogant person you'll ever meet but I'm definitely not conceited. The difference? Conceited people go around thinking the world revolve around them. The arrogant me, on the other hand, realizes that the world does not revolve around me, I just don't see any other reason for it to keep revolving other than my existence (OK, that sounded conceited as well. I just thought it sounded awesome so i put it there).

Anyway, you know what? I hate them so much I even categorize them into two types.

The first type include those conceited with praise. They see everything you do as an act to praise them. They believe that people love them so much as if everyone wants to please them. Such shitty bastards.

But there's another type. And those who fall into this category are even worse. They are those conceited with bullshit. They think that everyone hates them and that people actually like to waste their time plotting to murder them. They're utterly pathetic. You can talk about rocks and they would think you were pointing out how you would like to throw a stone at them. As if they're worth the fucking effort.

I hate any conceited person, however. It doesn't matter what type they may be. I hate how they think that you have nothing better to do aside from pleasing them or crapping at them. I hate how they hear every word you say as if it pertains to them. I hate how they act as if they fucking own your goddamned life.

If you think I'm being crazy here uttering senseless stuff, then you must be a pretty nice person and I applaud you. But if you happen to comprehend what is written here, then for you, my darling, I mightily raise my middle finger with all its greatness and not-so-kindly request from you to please stay out of my sight. And if you think this post was actually about you, then you're probably the most fucking conceited person in the world so please raise your middle finger as well, and stick it up your ass [you'll probably even enjoy it].

And P.S. to my dear conceited reader, it's not about who or what you are. It's all about what you do.