ickz (oldstorytoldnew) wrote,

...and I've just lost another battle against procrastination

Earlier this day, I have been doing my favorite internet activity: topic hopping on info-source sites. If you don't don't understand what I mean, let me illustrate it for you. I would simply think of whatever topic (doesn't matter if it's about apples or the cosmos) then I read it's article in an info-source site (ie Wikipedia). Through the article, I would see words with hyperlinks directed to another article about a supposedly related word. I would click it, read through this article, then hop on to another article through a hyperlink.

I do this quite a lot and I usually find some really interesting things. This morning though, I got to read about three very fascinating (and, for me, very similar) people. They are Bailan of Ibelin, Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, and Robin Soderling.You could just google their names to learn more about them, but all I want to share to you about them is that they all fought in battles where they never expected to win. Of course, they lost in the end, but that's not really important.

Sometimes, all that really matters is that you fought. Hard. It doesn't matter even if you didn't have any chances of winning to begin with. What's essential is that you fight with all you've got. It's much better to struggle and fail than to give up and spend forever wondering what if.

Besides, sometimes, an effort great enough would be able to change the direction of destiny. Not all the the way to the other side, but enough to make a difference.

When Bailan defended Jerusalem with only a couple of proper knights against the whole army of the great Saladin, he inevitably lost. But he was inflicting heavy damage against the enemy that Saladin allowed the Christians in Jerusalem to leave the kingdom freely as a condition for Bailan's surrender.

When Stauffenberg, with only a handful of officers, attempted to kill Hitler and overthrow the Reich, he inevitably failed. But he succeeded in proving to the world that not all Germans supported Hitler.

When Soderling played in the French Open in 2009 ranked as the 23rd seed, he inevitably lost. But not before defeating higher ranked players including Rafael Nadal who was then defending champion. He has since reached the French Open Finals twice and has climbed as the 5th seed.

The thing is, though maybe not as grand as you want, miracles do happen. But remember that no one wins the lottery without playing it.

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