ickz (oldstorytoldnew) wrote,

A Post on Procrastination (I really could've posted this earlier)

The second day of NaNo is already over (at least here in the Philippines) and all I have is 2,062 words. Yep, I'm WAY behind schedule. I actually have a legitimate excuse since I'm sick; I'm down with a flu for a few days now.

BUT, I wasn't really resting these last two days. I'm just doing that. You know. The thing a Wrimo is not supposed to do during November but is actually doing so most of the time. I've been watching movies, watching TV series, daydreaming about a girl, reading books, staring at facebook, hanging at the NaNo forums, yaddayaddayadda. Yep, I was PROCRASTINATING. And I procrastinated immediately. Pfft.

Anyway, I should go back to writing my novel. This post is just a little warm up for my fingers(which means a little more procrastinating). So I'm gonna go now and leave a few lines from my novel.

The history of this Earth would have gone down the same path as the other Earth (or Earths, the existence of other Earths have also always been a subject of debate). There is however one event that made it follow a very different path. This event is known as Exsorcell which translates as "the discovery that the gods are actually quite stupid."
This is a part of an introduction to the setting of my story. I actually think it's unnecessary and would probably remove it when I'm editing the novel already. But hey, a few additional words to help me get 50,000 shouldn't be so bad, no?

Arlon Curlywind, Utmost Consummate Invoker of the Forbidden Light, Six-Time Ultimate Spellcaster in the Merlin Awards, Master of the 9th Level of Thaum, and current Chief of the Order of the Fourth Side of the Triangular Point Blank which is the wizarding order guarding the Nowhere Cellars, is not the person you would want to be telling the bad news to. But the the poor underwizard was just ordered to tell it again.
Now this one is an introductory line about my actually unimportant character. But honestly, creating badass lines like this is the only reason I'm writing fantasy so I decided to share it anyway. :]

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