ickz (oldstorytoldnew) wrote,

The Tiny, Little Golden Fairy

A tall tower stood deep in the forest. The Golden Fairy lived there alone. She knew all the mysteries of this world and would give advice to people who had troubles. However, in recompense, she would demand the person's soul, which some say she would eat.

She's all-knowing, arrogant, cheeky, and demonic. And she would only have things one way--her way. She's small but she talks big. She's demanding and moody. She's smart but she's lazy. A little creature but a big pain in the ass.

But if only one would get to know her more, I'm sure that one will grow to love her.

I did.

Because I realized a lot of things about her. She demands for people's souls but not because she eats them. She only wants them to keep her company because she hates being alone. She's demanding and easily irked but a bar of chocolate is all it takes to please her. She talks big because she thinks big. She doesn't settle for for an ordinary human's standard. And she's lazy because she's too smart for the things around her and they merely bore her. But find her something interesting and no one would be able to disturb her.
And everything she shows is merely a reflection of what she gets. When she's alone, then she's lonely. But offer her sweets and she'll be the sweetest thing you'll know. Give her love and she'll be the loveliest creature of them all. Befriend her and, well, she'd probably make you her servant. 

But you won't regret it. I think. Well, I haven't.

--the most humble and willing servant of Her Highness, my Golden Fairy

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